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Listen and write numbers

Listen and write numbers

1. numbers-120

I am a native English speaker born in Mumbai , India. I have been involved in teaching foreign languages to students of all ages and backgrounds for over 18 years. My graduate degree is in English language at all levels at the Lancaster University. One of my specialities is foreign language acquisition theory and approaches. During my stay in the UK I studied and worked as an ESL teacher. I also did my teacher training and taught English language courses in the UK. I have also had extensive experience teaching English to corporate employees of international firms based in Seville, Spain. Having lived in various foreign countries and having to adapt to a new language and culture myself, I understand fully the challenges involved in learning a new language. I love teaching languages, and the most important part of my role, I believe, is to establish a comfort zone for my students so they feel good and not intimidated about learning a new language. Encouragement, positive reinforcement, gentle nudging are part of my approach. Language learning should be fun and satisfying for the learner. My online lessons are always custom-tailored to fit the needs of my students, and I use a variety of approaches and techniques to make the experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Whether you are interested in conversational English, business English or help in preparing to take the Trinity or Cambridge exams, it will be a great pleasure to help you along your way.


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